Our Services

Our main business, which is International and inland transport, the company carries on other following activities.


International and Inland transport

  • Transport of goods and material with variant size and different sort of kind
  • Transport of goods with controlled temperature
  • ​Transport with Vans
  • Transport of palletized goods and material up to 3,5t
  • Own vehicle park



  • Complete service in Freight industry. We’re always searching for the ideal solution and its implementation (loading, transport, unloading, storage)
  • We’re solving our clients requests from the smallest loads up to fully capacious freights.



  • Ability to store goods indoor or outdoor shelter to every type of transport.
  • Loading and uloding single parts up to 3,5t/pcs with forklift trucks including the storage of goods in indoor or outdoor shelter to every type of transport depending on the clients request.


Demolition, Land and Excavation works

  • Land works
  • Landscaping
  • Pothole bases etc.
  • Demolition works with use of hydraulic hammer
Tractorexcavator Elite 980 and Minidigger Kubota